D-Day 80: The D-Day Darlings Release Ultimate Tribute to the last of ‘The Greatest Generation’

With less than a month to go

The D-Day Darlings Founder Katie Ashby’s ‘The Longest Day’ is a poignant soundtrack to mark the last major D-Day anniversary with survivors of the Normandy Campaign.


The D-Day Darlings, the UK’s premier wartime inspired music group and Britain’s Got Talent Finalists (2018) – have announced their new single and music video ‘The Longest Day’ Written by Katie Ashby (Founder & Lead singer ‘The D-Day Darlings’) and Shelly Mcerlaine (Alisha’s Attic), produced by Nick Southwood (The Overtones), the song features the group’s stunning singing harmonies, released on May 9th, 2024 to commemorate D-Day 80.

Specially written and composed to mark the last major anniversary having veterans from that time still around, Katie said, “I wanted to write a special song that pays a lasting tribute to all those who gave so much on D-Day and to honour the precious few living veterans. I also wanted to inspire the younger generation, through music, to learn more about the experiences of our war heroes, and to open up conversations so we can pass knowledge on through the generations. We must continue to remember the sacrifices made for our freedoms” Katie Ashby- Founder and lead singer ‘The D-Day Darlings’.

Shelly said, “It was such a pleasure to write this song with Katie and Nick
We looked over a lot of footage and read a lot of personal memoirs from our veterans to get the sentiment right as it was really important that the song be from the heart but not in anyway schmaltzy. We wrote it from emotion first and when we all cried listening back in the studio we knew we’d got it right. It was an honour to hear some of the brave and selfless stories from our war heroes and try to put them to music I hope we did them proud” Shelly Mcerlaine (Alisha’s Attic).

Fittingly, The Longest Day video is set against the breathtaking backdrop of The British Normandy Memorial which features a staggering 1,475 giant silhouettes across the wild meadow fields installed by Standing with Giants in honour of the servicemen who fell on D-Day itself. The memorial stands on a hillside in Ver-sur-Mer above Gold Beach in Normandy, a place where history was shaped. On the columns of the Memorial the names of 22,442 servicemen and women from 38 nationalities who lost their lives on D-Day and during the Battle of Normandy are inscribed.

Katie, along with her 2 year old son Grayson, who makes a touching cameo appearance in the music video, made the special trip to Normandy to shoot the emotive video. Katie and son Grayson’s connection with the Standing with Giants project started earlier this year when they travelled to Oxford to roll their sleeves up and help paint some of the giant silhouettes. Katie also performed a moving rendition of the White Cliffs of Dover at Blenheim Palace on April 5th as the silhouettes started their journey from Oxfordshire to Normandy.

A special preview from Katie & The D-Day Darlings of ‘The Longest Day’ was performed at The Union Jack Club (London) on 26 April for Normandy Veterans, at the official press launch event for D-Day 80 organised by The Spirit of Normandy Trust.

Dan Barton Said “Katie has yet again written and created the most powerful and beautifully written song in ‘The Longest Day,’ truly fit for a Blockbuster. The team at Standing with Giants are delighted that The D-Day Darlings chose ‘For Your Tomorrow, The People’s Tribute’ at the British Normandy Memorial as the backdrop for this creatively delivered heartfelt song. The most fitting tribute to all who sacrificed so much for our freedom on 6th June 1944. Absolutely incredible, Katie. Well done!” Dan Barton – Standing With Giants

Henry Rice Said “Such a touching tribute to those that took part in our generations finest day. The words and thoughts are a testament to both those who paid the ultimate price. And, those that followed on to final victory” Henry Rice LEG D’HON – Normandy Veteran

Pensioner Alec Penstone dances with Katie Ashby of the D-Day Darlings who peformed on board during the British Legions Voyage of Remembrance.
Nine D-Day veterans attend The Spirit of Normandy Trust press event for D-Day 80.

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